Fixed - No points are awarded for players that step on Gu mines while Lesion is dead. Fixed - Players can vault inside the boxes at 2F Cafe Corridor. Fixed - Players can see outside by destroying the walls of the cockpit. Fixed - After destroying the roof of the garage the player can throw a Black Eye camera into it and see through wall.Finally, nu… Read More

We've been offered sweet corn from a road side stand that wasn't ready only once and that was from a couple neighborhood kids who got carried away with their picking. The kernel milk-line has often been used to determine when to harvest corn silage. Growers should monitor both crop condition and moisture as grain dries down after maturity. A number… Read More

This Jewelry photography light box by Iconasys enables users to easily and efficiently create good quality jewelry images in seconds. Included is Shutter Stream Jewelry Photography Software that will allow users to control a compatible camera and take pictures using mouse clicks. Shutter Stream Software also included image editing, processing and p… Read More

If you use Snapchat'”probably not, because you read Deadspin and are statistically most likely to be an irritable dad with a law degree'”you were probably captivated by the romance of the week. Though the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok (which include Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, Halfdan Ragnarsson, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, … Read More

Vicious, brutal and downright barbaric. By this time, Ecbert was dead, and King Alfred the Great was already king, yet he is still portrayed as a child in season four. Historians differ about how many people were actually killed and whether those who were murdered were residents of the Danelaw (the Viking-occupied part of England at the time), or j… Read More